Unlock Domain Service for Blocked Domains on Facebook

As a business owner, have you ever faced the situation where you couldn’t link your website for your store/company/business with your Facebook page? It starts with certain links being scrutinized and then the domain itself being blocked. You have to go through a series of authentication steps with Facebook to lift the ban, but it’s not guaranteed to be successful. If this is your real-life situation, VSM’s Unlock Domain Service for Blocked Domains on Facebook might be your lifesaver.

Unlock Domain Service for Blocked Domains on Facebook

Blocking Domains on Facebook – A Common Concern for Business Owners

As we know, Meta, the company that owns and manages the social media platform Facebook, is implementing various policies to protect the rights and safety of its users. Therefore, Facebook is currently conducting strict screening and moderation of third-party websites. Websites that show signs of violating Facebook’s community standards, have excessive spam links in posts and comments, or have been reported by many users, are considered potential risks to the online environment and are prone to domain blocking. To understand how to prevent and address this issue, you need to understand why your website has been flagged and deemed harmful by Facebook’s review team and automated tools.

First and foremost, Facebook has outlined the following community standards to warn users:

  • Copyright infringement of individuals or organizations.
  • Dissemination of fake, deceptive, or other forms of fraudulent information on Facebook is prohibited.
  • Violation of individuals’ privacy rights.
  • Contains explicit content, violence, or provocative materials.
  • Shows signs of organizing illegal gambling activities.
  • Trading prohibited products or rare animals.
  • Violation of Vietnamese laws and regulations.
  • Poses a risk of containing viruses, malware capable of stealing information.

Readers should note that the list of community guideline violations mentioned above is just a few common examples, not all the restrictions imposed by Facebook. To understand why your website is being restricted even if it doesn’t engage in prohibited activities such as selling banned products, organizing gambling, or distributing illicit cultural items, you need to refer to Facebook’s Terms. Another common reason for domain blocking is the excessive appearance and frequency of website links, often referred to as spamming. This is a consequence of misguided seeding, a lack of understanding of Facebook’s specifics, SEO strategies, and online marketing practices.

Lastly, if your website is reported by multiple users for violating community standards or causing annoyance to their accounts, the associated links will be promptly restricted. There are various ways in which reports can be triggered, such as unhealthy competition among competitors, spammy links in comments, or users feeling their privacy is at risk. Once reported, the likelihood of a complete domain blockage is high. Facebook will implement different restriction measures for websites exhibiting signs of the aforementioned violations. Initially, there may be warning and limitation actions, including hiding or deleting posts containing links and hiding or deleting comments with links. In more severe cases, Facebook’s administrators will restrict the website’s reach, and ultimately, the domain will be blocked. At that point, even mentioning the domain without linking to it will result in post deletion without prior notice.

When a domain is blocked by Facebook, it can cause a series of difficulties for business, directly impacting the reputation and revenue of the domain owner. In terms of online marketing, all actions revolve around the main website and related social media platforms. Therefore, if you cannot link to the largest social media platform, Facebook, the loss of revenue will be significant. Additionally, the time, effort, and money invested in the entire SEO process will go to waste. Consequently, individuals facing domain restrictions often experience anxiety, panic, and unease. In reality, website owners can attempt to request domain unblocking directly with Facebook. However, this process requires a significant amount of time and negotiation experience. In the worst-case scenario, multiple legitimate accounts need to simultaneously request unblocking for the domain to be considered for resolution. Therefore, self-unlocking a domain is often challenging and not successful on the first attempt.

So, what is the solution? To save time, achieve desired results, focus on other productive tasks, and minimize unnecessary stress, business owners are advised to use paid services for unlocking blocked domains on Facebook. Currently, there are many posts in Facebook groups or on Zalo offering such services. However, the reliability of these floating services cannot guarantee a 100% success rate and may incur additional costs or even worsen the situation. In this context, VSM Digital Marketing, understanding the concerns of customers, has introduced a reputable domain unlocking service on Facebook with a solid foundation and reasonable pricing.

VSM’s domain unlocking service on Facebook is conducted by a professional and experienced team proficient in communicating with Facebook. We guarantee a successful unlocking process without incurring extra costs, adhering to the terms of the contract, and fully addressing related issues. In addition to the primary goal of unlocking the domain, VSM also aims to prevent further domain restrictions and guide customers with essential knowledge to maintain the domain’s reputation on their website.

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Basic reasons for domain blocking include

  • Invasion of individuals’ privacy rights.

  • Containing explicit, violent, or stimulating content.

  • Showing signs of illegal gambling activities.

  • Spreading fake information, scams, or other forms of fraud on Facebook is prohibited.

  • Selling prohibited products or endangered animals.

  • Violating Vietnamese laws and regulations.

  • Possibility of containing viruses or malware capable of stealing information.

Why should you choose VSM Digital Marketing’s domain unlocking service for Facebook?

Experiencing many times helping customers to successfully unlock domain names, VSM is proud of the top quality service that only the company provides.


We offer a warranty for re-blocking within 15 days after unlocking. If the blocking issue persists during the warranty period, we will proceed with unlocking it again. If we still cannot resolve the issue, we guarantee a 100% refund.

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