Website Upgrade and Bug Fixing Services

As a business owner in the era of Industry 4.0, have you ever encountered a situation where your website is outdated, deteriorated, inefficient, and completely uncompetitive, requiring an upgrade and bug fixing? And then you feel overwhelmed when the repair costs are even higher than the website design cost, with uncertain quality? If this is your concern, the website upgrade and bug fixing services from VSM Digital Marketing are worth considering.

Website Upgrade and Bug Fixing Services

What is Website Upgrade and Bug Fixing Service?

In today’s digital marketing era, digital marketing is the most effective way to expand business, thanks to search engines and the rapid growth of the internet. Creating a website and publishing advertising content, product introductions, or services is a crucial component of online marketing. The website needs to be designed with proper SEO standards to achieve high search rankings, while also functioning well and being responsive to enhance the customer experience.

Websites require regular maintenance and upkeep by businesses. Information technology is constantly evolving, and websites cannot remain stagnant but need to be upgraded to meet SEO requirements, incorporate new features, and redesign their appearance to align with current trends. All of these steps need to be carried out by professional hands to ensure they do not affect the quality of SEO and may even contribute to optimizing search engine performance.

If you notice the following signs, it is time to consider website upgrade and bug fixing:

  • Stagnant traffic
  • Poor user conversion rates
  • Data loss or missing data
  • Google Search Console reporting SEO errors
  • Outdated and non-trendy interface
  • Broken image displays and broken links
  • Slow page loading speed
  • Outdated programming technology
  • Incompatibility issues with Google SEO tools

Please note that even if you have used a subpar website design service, these issues may still occur, even if the website has not been operational for long. For older websites, upgrading and bug fixing should be proactively conducted as early as possible.

Whenever you undertake a website upgrade, it often involves significant costs and requires a considerable amount of time. Therefore, when selecting a website upgrade and bug fixing service provider, it is crucial to consider the following criteria:

  • Extensive experience and a good understanding of current technologies
  • Upgrades and repairs that do not adversely affect SEO efforts
  • Proactive upgrades to support SEO activities
  • Addressing common operational issues of the website
  • Understanding Google’s website evaluation criteria
  • Taking responsibility for the project, acceptance, and repairs

VSM Digital Marketing takes pride in being one of the most trusted professional providers of website upgrade and bug fixing services in Vietnam. With years of experience in the marketing industry and a highly experienced technical team, our services go beyond mere website bug fixing. We focus on solving website operational issues while concurrently supporting SEO efforts to maximize marketing benefits.

Our professional workflow, competitive pricing, and long-term warranty commitments are the key strengths that set us apart from our competitors. The website upgrade and bug fixing package offered by VSM Digital Marketing includes:

  • Visual improvements and enhancing website loading speed
  • Upgrading outdated features and adding new functionalities
  • Data migration from old to new websites
  • Upgrading and incorporating the latest SEO features
  • Optimizing the website for all platforms and interfaces

VSM Digital Marketing provides thorough and appropriate consultation and is committed to delivering services that do not exploit or burden customers. With a long-term commitment, our company always carries out projects with dedication and sincerity.

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Why should you proceed with website upgrading and fixing?

Despite the cost and time involved, websites still need to be upgraded and repaired to keep up with the demands of the growing marketing industry.

Website Upgrade and Bug Fixing Services

What do you get when using VSM’s website upgrading and fixing service?

VSM Digital Marketing provides high-quality website upgrading and fixing services that are suitable for various user groups.