Whether you are a Vietnamese resident or a foreigner living in Vietnam and own a smartphone, it is rare to find someone who does not use services within the Zalo ecosystem. Therefore, accessing advertising on the Zalo platform, also known as Zalo Ads, is a top priority for businesses. If you are a business owner concerned about advertising costs, how to run Ads, and how to create content that suits the platform’s characteristics, all of these concerns will be addressed seamlessly through the Zalo Ads service specifically designed by VSM Digital Marketing.

Zalo ADS Services

Things to Know about Zalo Ads Service

According to a report from Q&Me, currently, Facebook Messenger and Zalo are the two most popular messaging platforms in Vietnam. Zalo, with its advantage of phone number integration, easy data storage, 100% Vietnamese interface, and design based on Vietnamese communication habits, has a strong advantage with over 100 million accounts. Thanks to its large user base, advertising on Zalo – known as Zalo Ads – is a land full of potential for Vietnamese businesses to conduct online marketing.

Zalo Ads is the general term for the entire paid advertising service provided by Zalo to its users. These ads take place simultaneously within the Zalo ecosystem, including Zalo, Zing MP3, Zing News, Zing TV, Baomoi, Zalo Pay, and Zalo Shop. Businesses using Zalo Ads enjoy the benefits of accessing Zalo’s massive user base, promoting brand image, generating potential customer leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

The official Zalo advertising formats included in the service provider’s offering are:

  • Zalo Message Ads: Ads placed directly in Zalo’s messaging section.
  • Zalo Sticker Ads: Campaign ads using a series of colorful stickers from Zalo’s emoji collection in chat frames.
  • Zalo Diary Ads: Random ads appearing on users’ Zalo diaries.
  • Zalo Top Category Ads: Advertising format exclusively for reputable businesses that have a partnership status with Zalo.

Each Zalo advertising format is suitable for different customer profiles and business objectives. The campaign’s goal should be considered when selecting the appropriate advertising format. Advertising costs also vary significantly, with many situations requiring bidding to secure ad slots.

For example, sticker ads are suitable for brand development purposes, while message ads target user behavior conversion. Zalo Diary Ads are highly competitive and require investment in presentation and long-term effectiveness, while also serving the purpose of leading users to the business’s landing page.

Implementing Zalo ads requires experience and specialized knowledge in e-commerce marketing. Specifically, those running Zalo Ads need to be familiar with the following basic steps:

  • Register and manage a Zalo Ads account.
  • Link with the advertising payment method.
  • Create ad campaigns using the activated account.
  • Determine the campaign’s target audience reach.
  • Plan the financial aspects with estimated expenses.
  • Present ad content, including text and images.
  • Wait for Zalo Ads management to review and approve.

All of these steps require time, careful attention to detail, and solid marketing knowledge to ensure success. Therefore, the emergence of Zalo Ads services such as those offered by VSM Digital Marketing is very helpful, meeting the needs of businesses to save effort, time, and costs.

With accumulated experience from numerous successful Zalo Ads projects, VSM Digital Marketing offers comprehensive Zalo Ads services for customers to choose from. The company utilizes a knowledgeable and timely workforce that understands trends and builds and operates effective Zalo advertising campaigns.

VSM Digital Marketing is committed to the success of Zalo Ads projects, providing dedicated customer care from the initial phase of access and drafting. The service’s pricing is reasonable, with customer benefits as the foundation for a series of sustainable collaborations, contributing to VSM’s reputation in the marketing industry.

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Advantages of Zalo Ads Service at VSM Digital Marketing

The reputation of VSM Digital Marketing in running Zalo Ads comes from the quality of projects, operational standards, and customer care.

Zalo ADS Services
Zalo ADS Services

Zalo Ads Advertising Price List

Campaign Creation
Support for setting up 1 advertising campaign
Optimization and enhancement within 7 days
Full administrative control of the advertising campaign handed over
Based on Budget
/ budget
Unlimited campaign creation
Daily optimization and management
Daily cost and result reporting for customer review
Cost per Click
4k- 10k
Clicks include: messages, website visits
Daily optimization and management
Daily cost and result reporting for customer review